We are an Quality Barber Shop, Men’s stylist and lifestyle destination

We want your hair to look fabulous, luminous and healthy

We are an quality barber shop, men’s stylist and lifestyle destination. With a focus on high quality haircuts, beard trims and cut throat shaves, we are dedicated to creating an enjoyable and relaxing customer experience. Our teams of barbers carefully trained to guarantee you the best possible service.

We want everyone who comes through our doors to feel welcome, comfortable and relaxed, so that getting a haircut seems like less of a chore. From our unique design features to our complimentary extras, we are always intent on making our customer service the best it can possibly be: our barbers are allocated a good amount of time to give you a proper consultation; an integrated vacuum system ensures no hairs stray down your neck; our bespoke coffee and beer offer a range of seasonal tipples for you to enjoy during your service. Our own product range, engineered by the customer, for the customer, is used throughout the service and is available to buy instore, to complete the Vintage experience.

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